Admin Code Enforcement (ACE) Court

New buildingThe City enforces reported and discovered Code violations through an Administrative Code Enforcement Court referred to as ACE Court. Matters that may be considered in ACE court include parking violations, animal violations, and other land-use and code violations. Residents or individuals who receive a Citation or a Notice of Violation for a Code violation may choose to go before an administrative law judge to dispute or discuss the alleged violation. They may also seek to settle matters at or prior to the hearing with the City attorney’s office.

Key personnel in the ACE Court system include the following:

  1. The Respondent who receives a Citation or Notice of Violation.
  2. The Code Enforcement Officer (or Animal Control Officer or Police Officer) who issues a Citation or Notice of Violation;
  3. The ACE Court Administrator who schedules matters for hearings and communicates with the parties;
  4. The ACE Court Judge who hears matters and makes decisions on violations, fines, and penalties; and,
  5. The Assistant City Attorney (or City Attorney) who represents the City in ACE Court.

Residents who have questions about Citations or Notices of Violation are encouraged to contact the City employee listed on the citation or letter they received or the City attorney’s office.

Payments are not available to be made online.  Please call the ACE Court Clerk.

For more information, visit the City code enforcement website at Code Enforcement Page

  1. Brad Davis

    Code Compliance Inspector
    Phone: 801 766-9793 x193

  2. Sam Beck

    Parking Enforcement
    Phone: 801-766-6503 ext 258

  3. Adrienne Dean

    ACE Court Clerk
    Phone: 801-766-9793 x 168