Board Positions

  • Chair - Works with city staff to coordinate Veterans Council meetings. Presents information to City Council. Works with board to ensure goals are accomplished.
  • Co-Chair - Assists Chair in duties. Fills in for chair when needed.
  • Secretary - Keeps notes during meetings. Takes roll at meetings. Emails notes out to board.
  • Legislative Chair - Keeps track of state and federal legislation that affects veterans. Works with chair to present legislation to City Council.
  • Resource Chair - Looks for federal, state and local resources in Saratoga Springs and surrounding communities and works with communications chair to keep website updated and alert veterans of upcoming programs or events via the contact list and city social media, newsletter, etc.
  • Communications Chair - Works with city staff to keep website updated. Sends information to veterans contact list. Works with city staff to publish information to social media
  • Event Chair - Organizes events. Makes assignments to board to execute events. Reviews patriotic event applications submitted by residents and presents them to the board for review.