Wildland Fires

Protect Your Home From Wildfire

Take action to improve the survivability of your home before a wildfire occurs. Pre-fire activities include proper vegetation management and the use of fire resistant building materials. The following tips will increase the chances of your home surviving a wildfire.

  • Clear pine needles, leaves, and debris from roof and deck.
  • Consider recycling yard debris and branches instead of burning them.
  • Evaluate your shake roof for treatment or replacement.
  • Have an emergency checklist in the event of a fire, and monitor local media sources for up-to-date information and evacuation procedures.
  • Have a minimum 30 foot non-combustible area around your home.
  • Include fire resistant vegetation in landscaping.
  • Keep grass and weeds cut.
  • Keep wood piles and left-over building materials at least 30 feet from the house.
  • Make sure that street signs and your home address are visible from the road.
  • Thin or remove overcrowded or weakened trees from property and prune low-hanging branches.

For more information, please visit Firewise USA.

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