Veterans Advisory Council

The Veterans Advisory Council provides support and input to City-sponsored programs in support of local military personnel.


The council is an ad hoc committee consisting of 7 members. All members of the council must live in Saratoga Springs, and must be a veteran or the spouse of a veteran. The members of the council will be chosen by the Mayor. They will serve for a term of 2-3 years. Members must attend at least 80% of the meetings to remain on the council. After the members are selected by the mayor, the advisory council will choose among themselves who will serve in what position.  A full list of positions can be found on the board position page of the website.

Goals of the Council

The Goals of the council are:

  • Honoring veterans in our community on holidays such as Veterans Day and Memorial Day
  • Creating a contact list of local veterans that can be used by the council to alert veterans of programs that can assist them and their families.
  • Creating a resource packet for veterans with information of what resources are available in our area
  • Keeping up to date on state and federal legislation that could affect veterans in our community and making sure the city council is apprised of how such legislation could affect citizens who are veterans

Veterans Contact List

The Council is creating a contact list of veterans in Saratoga Springs. This contact list will only be used to keep veterans apprised of what the Veterans Advisory Council is doing, educate veterans on their rights and local, state and federal legislation that may affect them, and local deals and opportunities available to veterans.  This contact list will not be sold or used for any solicitation purposes.

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  1. Corrine Prestwich

    Civic Events Coordinator