How does domestic violence change a child's life?

Whether or not the children are physically abused, they will always suffer emotional and mental trauma from living in a violent family.

  • Children raised in abusive homes may believe that violence is the way to resolve problems.
  • Children may have problems eating and sleeping due to stress. They end up suffering from lack of sleep and nutrition.
  • Children may slip back into more childish behaviors, such as thumb-sucking, nail-biting and bed-wetting.
  • The stress can cause them to do poorly in school and have problems getting along with other children.
  • Children are more likely to have stress related ailments such as: headaches, ulcers, stomach aches and rashes.
  • Children often have problems with depression, anxiety, fear and guilt that they carry into their adult life.
  • They may live in constant fear of injury to their parent or themselves.
  • They may have mixed feelings and feel guilty that they still love the abuser.
  • Teenagers may run away, be involved in juvenile crime or enter abusive relationships themselves.

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2. How does domestic violence change a child's life?