Development Process

Development Process

Get more details, information, and checklists to help the development process go smoothly by downloading and reading through the Developer Packet. If you have any questions, contact the Planning Department at (801) 766-9793 x155.

Information for Developers in Saratoga Springs

Applications and related materials are accepted electronically via email ( or via the Cityworks Public Portal and will be reviewed for completeness by relevant departments before being accepted. Applicants can avoid delays in this process by including all information requested on the application checklist(s). 

After an application is accepted, review fees must be received before any formal review will begin. The City accepts payment via check, e-check, or credit card. If you apply via the Cityworks Public Portal, you may pay review fees using the portal via credit card or e-check. For an application submitted via email, you may call 801-766-9793 x155 to pay fees by credit card or e-check after you are informed that the application has been accepted. Credit card payments are subject to a convenience fee of 3%. Payments via check may be delivered to the City offices, Suite 200.

Pre-application and post-review CRM (comment review) meetings can be scheduled in person or via Zoom as requested.