Patriot Park Monument

Veterans Monument Photo

We have a monument at Patriot Park, located at 391 S Saratoga Rd. This monument is to honor all those who have honorably served our country. Information on how to purchase a plaque and submit an application can be found below. 

Monument Application

  • Eligibility: Current residents of Saratoga Springs or their relatives, or veterans with Saratoga Springs as a Home of Record.
    • Must have an Honorable, General, or Other Than Honorable (OTH) discharge.
      •  Applicants with Entry Level Separation (ELS), Bad Conduct Discharge (BCD) or Dishonorable Discharge are not eligible.
  • Applications accepted in person only by the receptionists at the city offices (1307 N. Commerce Drive) during normal business hours.
    • Applicants must show a DD214, Military ID, Retired ID, or VA ID when making payment.
  • Cost: 
    • Full Plaque (4 lines) $200.00
    • 1/2 Plaque (2 lines) $100.00
  • Applications and payments for plaques will be accepted till June 1 each year.
    • Any applications accepted after September 1 will be put with the next year's applications.
    • Plaques will be added to the monument each fall. 
    • The new names will be read at the Flag Ceremony each year in November
  • Monument Plaque Application 
  1. Corrine Prestwich

    Civic Events Coordinator