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The Saratoga Springs Community Orchestra is a place where we can come together with other community members, to build friendships and enjoy playing a wide variety of music. We are a non-audition group which means we are reaching out to those that are or who may have been part of, music ensembles (such as junior high, high school or college) and are interested in performing again in an orchestra.


Rehearsals are held in a music room at Vista Heights Middle School (484 Pony Express Parkway, Saratoga Springs, Utah). This provides a great setting, not only in terms of acoustics, but also in our ability to have enough space to accommodate our growing number of members.

Rehearsal and Concert Schedule:

Rehearsal schedule for the Spring/Summer session are from 7-9pm as follows:

  • Rehearsals begin: Thursday, February 8th
  • CONCERTS: April 29 and June 3

   *Please remember to bring your instrument and music 

How to join us:

The Orchestra is currently accepting new members. 

To help offset the additional cost associated with the rehearsal space, we are asking members to register and contribute a modest $30 towards the orchestra program. Click on 2024 Orchestra Spring Concert registration at the following link:

If you have more than one family member participating in the orchestra or if you have other circumstances that would make it difficult to contribute, we still want you to participate in the program! Please just email Dan Fritch, the director, to sign-up. 

Facebook Group

For more information, we have a Facebook group (Saratoga Springs Community Orchestra). You are welcome to join at this link:


Why join?

  • · You get to play a variety of great music
  • · There are only 2 or 3 rehearsals a month
  • · You can make new friends by joining with others in performing music in a fun environment.

This is your chance to be part of our community orchestra and provide festive concerts for your family, friends, and community. Please don’t miss out on being a part of the orchestra this year. AND if you know of other talented family and friends that would love to perform in an orchestra with you, please invite them to join as well! We currently have about 80 members.

What music will we work on?

Saratoga Springs Arts Council and other sponsors have again generously provided us with music for the season. 

Members are also encouraged to select their favorite numbers to perform with the group as solos or group ensembles. 

What level is the music?

Because we are a non-auditioned group, and due to limited rehearsal time, our music is about a Medium or level 3 or 4 (high school) level. 

When and where are the concerts?

  • Monday, April  29 at Vista Heights Middle School and Monday, June 3 at Neptune Park for the Chalk, Walk and Boogie Monday Funday event.

What is the cost to join?

We ask for a modest $30 contribution to offset the costs of the program for each concert season.

How Do I Sign up?

go to:

Thanks to our sponsors: SUMMERHAYS Music Center, Orem Utah and Van-Pak

Summerhays, for their donation of 100 Orchestra Music folders.                                                                                                                                                  Van-Pak, for their donation of our Community Orchestra shirts

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