Storm Water

Storm Water in Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs enjoys views and recreational benefits that come from its surrounding mountains, natural drainage channels, the Jordan River, and Utah Lake. All these natural features are affected by storm water. Storm Water  is the runoff from precipitation (Rain or Snow Melt) that is not absorbed into the ground and flows over land surfaces entering our Lakes and Streams. As the water travels across land it collects debris, sediment, yard waste, engine oils, lawn fertilizers, herbicides, and other pollutants that negatively impact our lakes, streams and drinking water. 

Storm Water Markers Brochure

Storm Drain Outfalls

Please see map to view the location of Storm Drain Outfalls throughout the City.

Saratoga Springs Storm Water Management Plan (SWMP)

For more information about impaired waterbodies in the state of Utah and pollutants of concern, please visit the Utah Division of Water Quality (DWQ) interactive map at (

 Long-Term Storm Water Management

The following USWAC templates can be used by owners/responsible parties of storm water devices:

  1. Long-Term Storm Water Management Agreement (LTSWMA), New Development
  2. Long-Term Storm Water Management Agreement (LTSWMA), Existing Sites
  3. Long-Term Storm Water Management Plan (LTSWMP), Plan
  4. UPDES Storm Water Evaluation Form

Report Illegal Dumping or Illicit Discharge

If you are aware of any illegal dumping or illicit discharge, report it by calling 801-766-6506, ext. 279.

After hours, please call Emergency line 801-404-2468.