Growth & Demographics

Community Growth

The City of Saratoga Springs continues to be one of the ten fastest growing cities in Utah. As a region, the northern Utah County area is experiencing rapid development and growth. The City of Saratoga Springs was recently named as the best place for home ownership in Utah by a consumer advocacy website.

Saratoga Springs is expected to have over 120,000 residents at build out. With so much continued growth, the City is taking advantage of the great opportunity to work with residents, land owners and developers to proactively plan for the future needs of our residents.

Saratoga Springs is experiencing exponential growth, while our neighbors within the trade area are likewise experiencing a similar growth rate.

  • The Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development identified Saratoga Springs with the fastest growth rate in the State from 2000-2010 at 1,672.8%. This trend is only continuing.
  • Saratoga Springs was recently identified as the epicenter for growth in Utah, with an average growth rate of 635 residential units, or 2,700 new residents, each year.
  • The City’s current population is nearly 58,000 residents and growing far ahead of prior projections. 
  • This continued growth will translate into a 35 percent population increase over the next 5 years. At this rate, Saratoga Springs’ population will nearly double in the next 10 years.
  • The latest census data also shows that Saratoga Springs’ median income of $80,857 is 30% higher than the state median.
  • The average household size in Saratoga Springs is also higher than the state average at 4.19.

Demographic Information

  • U.S Census Bureau Data, as well as City data, depending on specific data elements:
    • Average Household Size: 4.17
    • Education: 96.6% high school graduate or higher; 43.7% bachelor’s degree or higher
    • Households: 9,010
    • Median Age: 22.6
    • Median Income: $80,857
    • Population Estimate: 58,000

Community Profile

For a more detailed overview of the city’s growth, trade area, transportation, and more, download the City Profile below. 

Trade & Population Profile