Adaptive Accommodations

Saratoga Springs staff want all residents to be able to enjoy events in the city, spend time together as families and enjoy our great, growing community.  As part of this effort the Civic Events Division has tried to create events that can be enjoyed by everyone. Scroll down for event specific information and to see the FAQ's section for answers to commonly asked questions.

Upcoming Events

Spring Festival

royalty with Easter bunnyThe spring Festival typically takes place the Saturday, 1 week before the Easter Holiday. It consists of free activities including an Easter Egg Hunt and food trucks serving breakfast

  • This event has additional ADA parking provided along the North side of the parking lot. 
  • The Easter Egg Hunt is divided into sections based on age and also has a section with adaptive accommodations for all people that are young at heart and would like to participate in the egg hunt. 
    • This does not have an age limit. 

For more information on this event including the date and time for this year go to the Spring Festival webpage

Splash Days

Splash Bash FoamSaratoga Splash Days is our city celebration that takes place the second full weekend in June. It is an event with many activities for the whole family to enjoy.  Many of the events are able to be enjoyed by everyone.

  • There will be additional ADA parking along the North side of Neptune Park throughout the event. 

For more information on all of the activities associated with this event, including the dates and times of activities for this year go to the Splash Days webpage

Summer Monday Funday Series

Food Truck Rally and ConcertThis event takes place at Neptune Park on Monday evenings throughout the summer.  It consists of our annual food truck rally and a concert/show or other activity that begins at 7pm.

  • Sometimes the concerts can be loud depending on the act.

To see a full list of what activity will be held, or who will be performing each week, and the type of music they play go to the Summer Monday Fundays webpage

Fall Festival

PumpkinsThe Fall Festival has many different components to provide fun activities for everyone. This event takes place at Shay Park. This event consists of games with prizes, train rides, a petting zoo, and inflatables. Some aspects of this event have a cost. There will also be food trucks and activities provided by the library.

  • Additional ADA parking is provided in the west parking lot.

 For more information on this event go to the Fall Festival webpage

Celebrate in Saratoga


This is a month long event that has various activities to help residents enjoy the holiday season. It includes a Holiday Home Decorating Contest, Christmas Tree Lighting, Silent Santa and Orchestra Contest and more. For more information and the dates and times of these events for this year go to the Celebrate in Saratoga webpage

Silent Santa

Silent Santa is one of the events included in Celebrate in Saratoga. This is a time for individuals that need additional accommodations to meet Santa Claus without all of the hustle and bustle that normally goes with the holiday season.

  • Participants will be able to sign up for an individual 10-minute time slot with Santa.
  • Parents will be able to add notes to the registration form to let Santa know the best way to interact with their child.
  • Parents with multiple children, please sign up for 1 time slot for everyone to visit with Santa
  • Parents can bring any extended family they would like to have at the event during their time slot.
  • This event is for all individuals in need of additional accommodations who are wanting to see Santa in a no stress environment. 
    • There is no age limit on this event.  
    • Time slots are limited. Please only sign up if you need special accommodations to see Santa and are sure you will be able to attend your assigned time. 

For more information and to register for this event go to the Celebrate in Saratoga webpage

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our accommodations, please contact Corrine Prestwich at


1. Can my child attend events with an age limit if they are older than the age limit specified?

  • Yes!  Although we sometimes have to specify an age limit, you as a parent know what best meets the needs of your child. We welcome all who are young at heart at our events. 
    • At each event, residents can get a wristband for their family member at the Civic Events booth that will signify to staff and volunteers that the participant is able to attend or be in that age specified area, even if they don’t appear to fit into the age category to allow the participant to enjoy the event without disruption. 

2. Can I register my child for registration only events if they are over the age advertised? 

  • Yes! Please choose the "Other" option in the age category and then specify in the notes the age of the participant.  Also, please include any information in the notes that can help us ensure that the participant has an enjoyable time while participating. 

3. Can I invite friends from outside the city to take advantage of the cities adaptive accommodations?

  • Please let your friends know about open events such as the Spring Festival. We want all to enjoy these fun activities.
  • For events that are by registration only such as Silent Santa, please allow a few weeks for Saratoga Springs residents to have a chance to register before sharing it with your friends outside the community.